cow-mouth shoe, high heels, Anon 1511

cow-mouth shoe, high heels, Anon 1511

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These kind of shoes suited the new kind of fasion at the beginning of the 16th century. Different from the late medieval sytle, the length was not the most important look. Now the clothing tended to underline the width of the body. Also the shoes changed from poulaines with their long toes to the short and broad cow-mouth shoes. Like the fashion they werse sometimes cut open to show the underlayer of leather or textiles. 

Intersting is the very low heigth of the welt and the big opening on the upper side. It was normal that a part of the toes was showing. 

Our prices already include the welt-sewed sole as you can see in the pictures.



Historical: turn-sewn or welted, as close to the original production as possible

Modern: Low-budget version, historic pattern, glued or machine-sewed.

LARP: like modern version plus rubber sole.


For colours see options. If you like a special colour please send us a mail.



Albrecht Altdorfer: Liebespaare im Wald. Jahr 1511.
Anon:  St. Crispan und Crispianus. Jahr 1520

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