Accessories for all centuries.

We offer a broad variety of stuff for your reenactment. Leather products, loop braids, hooks and eyes and yarn for sewing.

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Product no.: A-001

Leather balls in different sizes. Made like historical originals. Filled with wool.

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Product no.: A-004

Hooks and Eyes made from brass (thickness approx. 1mm)

0.70 **
Product no.: A-012

leather laces, length 30 cm, with points, made from vegetable tanned buckskin.

Maßwerk - We re-produce History.

Handmade Quality.

from 8.00 **
Product no.: A-023

Silk lace, 100% mulberry silk, with metal points. 3mm width, finger looped from four straps.

from 21.00 **
Product no.: A-021

Set of 10 laces, diameter ca. 3mm, length ca. 30cm.

from 81.00 **
Product no.: A-020

Silk lace, 100% mulberry silk, 

Masswerk - We re-produce history

from 9.00 **
Product no.: A-022

Silk lace, 100% mulberry silk, 3mm width, finger looped from 6 straps.

from 20.00 **
Product no.: A-024

Dogline Hemp with stoping knot

Maßwerk - we re-produce History

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