Cow-mouth shoe, half high, 16th century

Cow-mouth shoe, half high, 16th century

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Cow-mouth shoe, half high, 16th century

The cow-mouth shoes have a characteristic wide toe cap. They were created as a counter-movement to the beak shoe with its extra-long tip, typical of the late Middle Ages. The deep neckline on the upper side, which almost showed the toes, is striking.


This shoe is manufactured with a frame seam, i.e. the upper leather is sewn to the insole and an additional outsole is doubled.

Our prices already include the doubled outsole (see photo). 


Historical: depending on the era, reversible or welted; as close to the originals as possible

Modern: Inexpensive variant with historical cut but modern production (glued, machine sewn)

LARP: Modern version with extra rubber sole


Colors see selection, special colors (e.g. red colored) please contact us by mail.

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